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 Lore of Storms

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PostSubject: Lore of Storms   Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:30 pm

Associated Apocalyptic Form: Adad, The Visage Of Storms
Associated House: Defiler (Lammasu)

The mercurial angels of the deep were meant from the beginning to lead a lonely existence, close enough to inspire human hearts, yet eternally out of reach. The Lore of Longing, with its power to enflame human hearts, was the core of the House's collected wisdom, but mastery of wind and wave also led to the evolution of the Lore of Storms, allowing the angels of the deep to reach far over dry land as well. Ironically, once the Lammasu had forsaken their oath to Heaven and were able to show themselves openly to mankind, the revels found themselves ill-equipped to relate directly with humanity. They were far more comfortable showing men and women the faces that they wanted to see rather than risk being viewed for what they truly were. Therefore, these mutable spirits refined the art of transforming their appearance at will to suit the expectations of those around them, and the Lore of Transfiguration emerged.

* Summon Water [ Demon: The Fallen -- Page 200 ]
The demon can summon water from any nearby source, causing anything from a sudden, concealing fog to a torrential flash flood.

System: Roll Stamina + Survival. The number of successes required depends on the amount of water the Defiler wishes to summon. If the demon wants to call up a thick fog (increasing the difficulty of all Perception rolls by two), one success is sufficient. If she wants to douse the area with a sudden shower, two successes are required. If she wants a torrent of water, three successes are necessary. A raging flood demands four successes or more. Individuals caught in such a torrent or flood suffer the effects of drowning unless a successful Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty Cool roll is made. there has to be a water source of some kind within Faith in yards, no matter how small, for this evocation to work. The effects of this evocation continue for a number of turns equal to the character's Faith score.

Torment: The water that a monstrous demon summons is slimy and foul, spreading sickness and disease. Victims exposed to this polluted water risk developing deadly diseases that manifest within days or weeks. Mortals and demons exposed to this tainted water for more than one turn risk becoming infected unless a Stamina roll is made, with the difficulty equal to the Defiler's Torment. Also use the Defiler's Torment to gauge the relative virulence of any diseases. A Torment score of 7 inflicts a minor disease that might lower the character's dice pools, while a Torment of 10 imposes a lethal (and possibly highly contagious) disease that inflicts lethal damage.

** Water Form [ Demon: The Fallen -- Page 200 ]
This evocation allows the Defiler to transform her physical body into water, either as a liquid or a mist.

System: Roll Stamina + Medicine. Once transformed, the character leaves her clothes and possessions behind. She can travel anywhere water or air can reach while in water or mist form, and she's immune to any damage. The Defiler can remain in this form for a number of turns equal to her Faith score.

Torment: The water form of a monstrous demon is polluted by its Torment, and contact with it causes chemical burns. For each turn that a victim is exposed to the Defiler's "body," she suffers one health level of lethal damage.

*** Manipulate Weather ยท [ Demon: The Fallen -- Page 200 ]
This evocation allows the Defiler to nudge existing weather patterns, pushing away storm fronts or drawin them to her with surprising speed, and altering the local temperatures.

System: Roll Intelligence + Science. The number of successes achieved determines the severity of the weather pattern that the Defiler can manipulate. Affecting a minor rainstorm requires only one success, while affecting a thunderstorm requires two. Major storms require three successes to manipulate, and truly powerful phenomena such as tornadoes or hurricanes require four or more. Alternatively, the Defiler can raise or lower the temperature in her area by a degree per success rolled. This evocation affects an area with a radius in miles equal to the demons' Faith score. Note that all weather manipulated must be present. This power can't spontaneously create new weather effects.

Torment: Monstrous demons increase the intensity of local weather patterns rather than alter their course, turning a spring shower into a raging tornado or a light snowfall into a blizzard.

**** Command The Storm [ Demon: The Fallen -- Page 201 ]
A Defiler can use this evocation to create weather patterns at will, conjuring a storm out of thin air or banishing a hurricane with a wave of her hand.

System: Spend one Faith and roll Intelligence + Science. The difficulty is determined by the environment and the type of weather the Defiler wishes to create. Calling up a thunderstorm near the ocean is difficulty 6. Creating one in the middle of the Arizona desert is difficulty 9. Banishing existing weather patterns is resolved with a difficulty of 7. The number of successes rolled determines the intensity of the weather pattern that the Defiler can create or calm. A rain shower or a light snowfall requires only one success, while a tornado or a massive hurricane requires four or more. This evocation affects an area with a radius in miles equal to the demon's Faith score. once summoned, the weather effect runs its natural course unless affected by additional evocations.

Torment: Monstrous demons can command the weather with equal ease, but their effects are always inimical. Storms bring damaging wind, hail, and lightning. Even creating clear skies can invoke extreme temperature changes or suffocating humidity.

***** Invoke The Storm [ Demon: The Fallen -- Page 200 ]

The Defiler can surround herself with a raging storm at will, creating wind, water, and lightning in an area as small as a room or as large as a city block. The heart of the storm is centered on the demon, and it moves as she moves. It causes her no harm, though.

System: Spend one Faith Point and roll Stamina + Survival. The difficulty is determined by the environment the Defiler is in. conjuring a storm outside, with rain clouds overhead, is difficulty 6. Conjuring a storm in the air-conditioned environment of an office is difficulty 9. The successes form a dice pool that you roll while your character directs the effect of the storm. If she wishes to use wind to knock someone down or blow open doors and windows, roll this dice pool in lieu of Strength. If she wants to fire lightning at a target, roll the pool against a difficulty of 9. Each success generates one lightning bolt that strikes the target automatically and imposes a number of lethal damage dice equal to the defiler's Torment score. The storm affects an area with a radius in yards equal to the character's Faith score and lasts for an equal number of turns unless banished.

Torment: Monstrous Defilers raise storms that lash out indiscriminately at any living being caught in the area, punishing them with fierce winds and lightning. Each turn, roll a single die (difficulty 9) for each person within the storm's radius. If a roll is successful, someone is struck with a bolt of lightning. Furthermore, the buffeting winds increase the difficulties of all subjects' actions by two.
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Lore of Storms
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