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 Gangs In New Babylon

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PostSubject: Gangs In New Babylon   Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:35 pm

Organized Crime

During the last several decades, the Russian Crime Syndicates have swept through most of Europe, bloody confrontations with the Italians have happened time and time again, with the Russian's having come out ahead due to their rather brutal approach.  At present, the Russian Mafia is not only the most powerful Crime organization in the world, its also politically influential to a degree never before seen from such an entity, having control of most every aspect of Russian government to date.

  • Mafia - Italian
    The Carpino Family - Strongest family. Corporate finance and Adult Entertainment. Interests in New Babylon City and North Shore.                                                                                                                    
    The DiMartino Family - Street level operations in Little Italy in Sales. Hate Russians.
    shipping and smuggling
  • Yakuza- Japanese. Inagawa-kaï. Operations in South Beach, North beach and New Babylon City.                
    Current ruling body of the Golden Mile Underground.
  • Triads -Little Asia in Sales. Smallest of the Triads
     illegal drugs
  • Russian Maffiya - Red Square in Sales and Seton
    Human Trafficking
    Black markets
    Info brokering
    Current holders of the Black Mall Underground



Gang NameColorsTurfSizeNotes
Latin KingsBrowSetonLargeHispanic
AncientsBlueNorth ShoreLargeBiker
BloodsRedSetonLargeBlack ethnic gang
Babylon BoysYellowNorth ShoreSmallUrban gang
Red TideBlackSunken CitySmallPirates
GhoulsGreySunken CitySmallCannibals
SixesWhiteNorth ShoreSmallSmugglers
The UnionGold/GreenBabylon CityLargeBusiness-oriented gang
SirensBlack/GreenSalesSmallFemale gang
ManglersGray/WhiteSetonMediumOrgan leggers
One NationsLight BlueSalesMediumAmerican ethnic gang
Children of the LambBlack/WhiteChurchwoodMediumChristian Gang
The Chrome KingsBlack/SilverSalesSmallGo-gang
TridentBlack/SilverSouth BeachSmallPirates
Street law is law in many areas of the ACG. With privatized law enforcement the norm, many gangs found that the beat cops in their area turned a blind eye to their activities if paid the right price.  Of course there are still the Law Enforcers that maintain a more righteous outlook, but by and large, money makes right, and that is quickly followed by might makes right.
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Gangs In New Babylon
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