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 Martial Arts

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PostSubject: Martial Arts   Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:45 pm

Martial Arts is a secondary ability that adjoins to the Brawl Ability, and adheres to the rules for secondary abilities. In order to have a 3 in martial arts, one must have a brawl rating equal to or higher.

The various styles of Martial Arts will give special bonus' and difficulty changes. For each dot of Martial Arts, a character will have a maneuver that will enhance their combat ability.

For example, Tink's character has a Martial Arts rating in Karate. As a special move, her kick attacks are at a -1 difficulty to perform.
A character with Krav Maga, has a -2 difficulty to disarm her foe.

The list is far from complete, and its being worked out, if any character wishes to learn a martial art form, speak with an ST about moves for that martial art.
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Martial Arts
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