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PostSubject: Matter    Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:18 pm

This Sphere encompasses the study of material, inorganic patterns. Everythingfrom simple analyses of chemical composition to the transmutation of base metals intogold is possible using the magic of Matter.

Specialty: Sons of Ether
Matter Perceptions
Basic Transmutation
Alter Form
Complex Transformation
Alter Properties

Matter is the study of non-changing Patterns, unlike the changes of Life or the dynamism of Forces. Matter is a very patient Sphere – after all, your subjects aren’t going to begoing anywhere.All non-living Patterns that have a form fall into the domain of Matter. Along with Forces and Life, these three Spheres form and shape the physical world. Matter can becreated or destroyed, and its physical properties drastically altered. At advanced levels, a Mage could even create magical and impossible materials, giving rise to applications never before dreamed.Matter cannot affect anything other than non-living, static Patterns – anything else is the realm of another Sphere. It cannot create or destroy Matter, merely change its shape and form (creating something from nothing requires Prime). A Mage is still limited by their own capabilities and mental capacity – they can’t will a working computer to appear inone second unless they understand how a computer works in the first place, and are able to orchestrate the construction with enough speed to get it done in one second. For these reasons, a Matter Mage often works well with Time, Entropy, or Mind.

Apprentice Matter: Matter Perceptions
That’s silly – we can all see matter, right? But a Mage learns to see not only the object, but the nature of the object. By scrutinizing a Pattern, a Mage can tell you what it’s made of, whether it’s a composite, if it’s damaged, if there’s anything hidden inside, and how it might be made to interact with other objects. Used with Entropy or Forces, this Sphere can also be valuable for breaking objects. Of course, they can’t yet directly influence the Pattern of the objects they observe, but they can better understand and appreciate the fundamental nature of physical things.

Initiate Matter: Basic Transmutation
To a Mage, turning lead into gold isn’t all that complicated, just a minor alteration of the Matter Pattern. A Mage of this level can briefly change one element to another similar element, without changing its weight, shape, temperature or physical state. Only simple and inert forms of Matter can be made at this level – nothing magical, nothing radioactive. A Mage might get through a door by turning the lock to clay, or strengthen a shield by changing it to titanium. Such changes are very temporary, and generally on avery small scale, but they can be extremely useful.

Disciple Matter: Alter Form
The Mage can now play with the form of an object as well as its composition. He can make sculptures without tools, repair fractured objects or force other objects to fall apart.He can create mixtures, and tear those mixtures apart at a whim. With Forces, he could make objects suddenly take on new shapes, perhaps to the surprise and misfortune of those around him! With Prime, he could create a small amount of a substance out of nothing at all.

Adept Matter: Complex Transformation
The Mage can now create Patterns using elements from other Patterns, and with intricate parts (as long as he has the mundane knowledge to do so). At this level, the Mage could cause a pile of junk to form a usable radio, or pull a clock out of a 2x4. With Forces, he can transform forces themselves into objects, turning a lightning bolt into a pillar of silver, and with Life he can alter the structure of living things, turning a canary into a golden clockwork songbird. Prime energy still creates something from nothing – but atthis level, a Mage can literally pull a gun from nowhere.

Master Matter: Alter Properties
The Master can now influence Matter Patterns directly and with precision. He can create entirely new matter, with whatever physical properties he desires, or cause normal matter to have a different boiling point, specific gravity, or transparency. He can create objects with properties independent of any physical laws, and in every way impossible. With alittle Forces, radioactive or magnetic elements are now within his grasp, as are Patterns which change spontaneously to stimulus. At this level, the Master could potentiallyconjure a nuclear bomb out of nothingness. Not a person to be trifled with
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