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PostSubject: Correspondence   Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:54 pm

All points in space are one. Command of this Sphere allows a Mage to transcend the constraints of space and distance.
Specialty: Virtual Adepts

Immediate Spatial Perceptions
Sense Space, Touch Space
Pierce Space, Seal Gate, Co-Locality Perception
Rend Space, Co-Locate Self
Mutate Localities, Co-Location

Correspondence is the magic of connections – links between Patterns that existindependent of distance and space. For example, a wedding ring links you to your spouse, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world.It may be easy to pass off Correspondence as the magic of space, but the Sphere has broader applications than that. Correspondence covers relationships between objects,links between places, distance, and ultimately the realization that distance is just an illusion.Correspondence cannot teleport a person’s heart out of their body, or the gas out of a car,without using high levels of Life or Matter as well. Correspondence doesn’t affect parts of a Pattern – it is concerned about the relationships between Patterns as a whole.

Apprentice Correspondence: Immediate Spatial Perceptions
The Mage has learned how to see space, and gained an intuitive knowledge of distances and directions. Common effects at this point allow the Mage to feel out the contours of objects around him, to accurately know the distance to or size of an object, and sense Patterns which may be hidden to his other senses. With the right Rotes, a Mage can even detect warps in space, teleportation signatures, gates, wormholes, and other instabilities in space.

Initiate Correspondence: Sense and Touch Space
You can now extend your senses with Correspondence – not only sight and sound, but touch, smell, and taste if need be. More elaborate rituals may allow you to conduct long-distance scrying, but generally requires something connected to that place, and creates more of a connection (and thus evidence) than most Mages care to leave. The visions of this level are vague and unclear, as well. To a lesser degree, you can also strengthen the notion of space, making it harder for others to scry on you. You can sense space, touch it,feel it – but as of yet, not mold it, rip it, tear it, or repair it. Also, you can now combine Correspondence with other Spheres, increasing their range of usefulness.

Disciple Correspondence: Pierce and Seal Space, Co-Locality Perception
The Mage has learned to manipulate the very fabric of space, in a clumsy fashion. Thecharacter can now open rifts in space lasting for an instant. Rather than simply sending his perceptions, the Mage can now send himself across space, in a limited but effective form of teleportation. Furthermore, the Mage’s ability to strengthen Space is enhanced,allowing them to seal space against intrusion and close gates and wormholes. Even more impressive, the Mage now has a limited ability to remove their perceptions from the limits of space, watching and listening at many places at once. Of course, this Spherealone doesn’t help the Mage interpret the incoming data, and co-locality perception canquickly turn into a cacophony of sight and sound.

Adept Correspondence: Rend Space, Co-Locate Self
No longer simply opening portals for a moment, the Mage now tears holes in space thatremain, allowing others to move through the distortion. A Mage might also tear space around an object, effectively removing its influence from reality. The Mage can alsomake space selective, creating portals that only allow certain patterns, or place himself outside of space, allowing him to watch literally from nowhere. Finally, more than just extending perceptions to multiple places, the Mage can now be at multiple places at once – and with judicious use of other Spheres, might even be able to think and act differently in each place!

Master Correspondence: Mutate Localities, Co-Location
The Master of Correspondence not only pulls, tears, and mends space, but bends and twists it like taffy. A Mage can stretch distances, play with volumes and angles, andrework the very nature of dimensions and space. A three-foot rod might look ten feet long, or a gun’s bullet could reverse on the shooter. More interestingly, the Mage can now remove the limits of space – things can exist in the same location at the same time,superimposed upon each other as two locations become one. Mages using this level of Correspondence with other Spheres can create bizarre effects, interacting with space inways only limited by the Mage’s imagination

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