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PostSubject: Euthanatos   Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:11 pm

Tradition Sphere: Entropy

Though the Euthanatoi have roots across the world, their magic is most commonly explained through concepts taken from Indian religions. They believe that all animate beings possess an Atman, their sacred self or soul, that which is divine and indestructible. Secondly, a person's Dharma describes their purpose and place in Creation, what they are meant to do and the rules by which they are to live. It is in fulfilling their Dharma that the Euthanatoi find enlightenment, and in doing so, strengthen their connection to the cosmos. Thus, what they use magic for is as important as the tools they employ.

Many Euthanatoi believe they are chosen to be agents of Karma, tasked with judging those who have strayed too far from their Dharma. Those of other cultural heritages have similar concepts with different names; Greeks speak of the Fates as the force which punishes those who act improperly, while the Celtics say all souls are bound by geasa that guide them to their destiny.

The Tradition currently known as the Euthanatoi were previously called the Chakravanti. The Chakravanti perceived that there was a growing imbalance toward Stasis in the world, so they sided with Entropy in order to rectify the balance. Siding with Entropy eventually led the Chakravanti alliance to change their official name to Euthanatoi, which means "[bringers of] the good death".
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