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 House Rules For Demon

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PostSubject: House Rules For Demon   Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:44 pm

The Following requirements must be met in order to submit a Demon character.

You must create a Vampire, Ghoul, or Mortal and play for a month in the channel before a Demon character will be considered. There are two reasons behind this. 1. To gauge the rp of the individual, Demons are powerful characters and can be easily abused. 2. To see if the player will invest in the game. The Demon side is a small side, and the storylines will be harmed if people create a character, then vanish without a word never to return.

At least a grasp of the mechanics of Demon. One doesn't have to be an expert at the game, but it would be nice for them to have some experience with Demon mechanics.

Please talk to an ST

Thank You
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House Rules For Demon
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